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Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing

Book 1

This textbook to accompany the training was written to illustrate systematic cultural U-turns which occur in our civilisation.  The aim was to highlight the transient way we humans decide to follow a particular type of knowledge: our governments set laws regarding practice, and then we change our minds about what is ‘correct. Through the seminars, I wanted to explore the ephemeral nature of knowledge.

“I would encourage all health professionals to read this book with an open mind.”

“This excellent treatise will be talked about for years to come by professionals and laypersons alike.”


Spiritual Psychiatries

Book 2

This book brings fresh perspectives to global psychiatry, as it explores Indian spirituality and western medical cultural biases. It supports medical practitioners, educators, policymakers, and patients to explore more holistic views of psychiatric treatment.

I would thoroughly recommend it to professionals in the mental health field and laypeople”

“Highly recommended”