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Dr Natalie Tobert

Dr. Natalie Tobert

Medical Anthropologist Dr. Natalie Tobert has presented training seminars in medical schools, hospitals, and universities, and also for NHS Trusts who support a Peer-supported Open Dialogue approach. She has facilitated seminars and discussion groups in the UK and abroad (USA, India, Sweden, Spain, and Switzerland).

Aethos Training was created when Natalie Tobert was offering mental health promotion events with African, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups.

Religious and Community leaders thanked her for raising awareness of pathways to access healthcare, but they suggested caring was a two-way process. They considered wellbeing could be enhanced by training front-line service providers in ways of understanding their complex cultural issues. And so these training seminars were created to address that perceived need.

Who are our seminars for?

Our courses are for medical and allied health care professionals to offer an overview of existential beliefs about the human life cycle: conception, women’s health, body, mental well-being, death, dying, and beyond.

Medical Staff
Housing Officers
Social Workers

We aspire to raise awareness of cultural expressions of mental distress, enhance social inclusion, and support Equality and Diversity

Who we have worked with



“Very balanced and thought-provoking, excellent”

“Overall an amazing and interesting course”

“The whole series of workshops have already proved thought-provoking and relevant to my practice. Thank you”

“Opened my eyes to things you would not expect to discuss”

“Very professional, well-paced”

“We covered a wide variety of topics otherwise not discussed in the degree”

“Excellent, worth going to, makes you think more about your roles as a health care professional”

“I now have more respect and understanding for the importance of adhering to cultural standards as a patient and doctor”