Aethos Training – a step towards reducing social inequalities

Workshops and seminars for front line medical and health care practitioners

Aethos Training was created when Natalie Tobert offered mental health promotion events with African, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.  Her  educational series of seminars and workshops enhance social inclusion, by raising awareness of cultural beliefs around “symptoms”.

Some of the topics we cover:

Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality

Women and Well Being


Anomalous Experiences & Spiritual Awakening

Meanings of Spirituality

We aspire to raise awareness of cultural expressions of mental distress, enhance social inclusion, and support Equality and Diversity

Who we have worked with


Our Seminars & Training

The training seminars explore cultural, religious and spiritual explanation for diagnosis of illness, and strategies for treatment. They acknowledge the current dilemma in the field of mental health, around interpretation of symptoms, and support staff working with a client’s spiritual and religious beliefs.

What our clients say.

“Excellent, worth going to, makes you think more about your roles as a health care professional.”

Upcoming Event

Clash of Beliefs: Culture, Spirituality and Health

This course is made up of fifteen sessions, offered weekly, which include introduction and reading weeks.  It is divided into four parts: The Human Body and the Self; Mental Wellbeing and Altered States; Consciousness Beyond Death; and Cultural U-Turns and Paradigm Change.   The text book ‘Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing’ accompanies this module.

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