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Our Vision is to offer educational seminars towards a more compassionate, inclusive, and healthier society.

Aethos training programmes are a step towards reducing social inequalities.

We intend to support frontline staff develop a deeper understanding of cultural beliefs about being human, and enhanced cultural humility when dealing with clients who hold spiritual models of health and wellbeing.

The training seminars explore cultural, religious and spiritual explanation for diagnosis of illness, and strategies for treatment. They acknowledge the current dilemma in the field of mental health, around interpretation of symptoms, and support staff working with a client’s spiritual and religious beliefs.  We aspire to raise awareness of cultural expressions of mental distress, enhance social inclusion, and support Equality and Diversity.

Our courses are for medical and allied health care professionals to offer an overview of existential beliefs about the human life cycle: conception, women’s health, body, mental well-being, death, dying and beyond.


  1. Meanings of Spirituality
  2. Women and Well Being
  3. Conception and Birth
  4. The Human Body
  5. Mental Health, Religion, and Spirituality
  6. Anomalous Experiences & Spiritual Awakening
  7. Death and Dying
  8. Survival Beyond Death
  9. Communication strategies
  10. Cultural U-Turns