Cultural Equalities

Training Resource Packfor Medical, Health and Social Care
Front line Service Providers

This training pack was developed both to reduce health and social inequalities, and to support teachers and front line service providers. It illustrates the fundamental importance of personal beliefs both for clients accessing health services and for front line providers delivering services.

The pack raises awareness of cultural determinants of health for teachers, and medical and healthcare providers. It acknowledges multiple models of health, which may result in social disadvantage and disparity of access.

The training pack is made up of eight seminars: with an overview of spiritual, religious and existential beliefs of a human being and life cycle. Topics include: conception, birth, women’s health, body, mental well being, death, dying and beyond, and religious experience. It addresses the academic evidence that cultural differences influence health outcomes.

The first on-line book is the full Training Pack, with lesson plans and seminar exercises.

On-line books 2 to 9 are made up of slide presentations on each topic.

  1. Training Pack
  2. Culture, Healing and Spiritual Awareness
  3. Conception and Birth
  4. Women and Well Being
  5. The Body and the Self
  6. Death and Dying
  7. Survival Beyond Death
  8. Mental Health
  9. Religious Experience

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